Rennervated Gaming



Here you can find the latest news on what's happening on our servers and outside of it!

New News:

1. Our new Harry Potter server is up! Check it out! Get sorted, play wizard chess, learn spells, duel other students and much much more!

2. DEVELOPMENT ON OUR QUIDDITCH PLUGIN HAS STARTED! Timeline for release is 1-2 weeks, maybe earlier! Thanks to all who donated, you made this happen!

3. We need donations!!! We need help supporting the Harry Potter server, we are currently looking into Quidditch plugins to make your Harry Potter server experience even better, but this will definitly put a ding into our budget....

Staff Members:

XLightzOutX: Owner

XDarkFyreX: Owner

Crazycow78: House Head(Hufflepuff)
SaxBuilder: House Head(Ravenclaw)


We are recruiting Professors to teach subjects! If you are interested please post on our PMC server page in the correct format!
Also we are recruting Moderators! If you are on our list for potential Moderators, we will contact you about it.